Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Keeping Anna Company

I often find Andrew and Anna like this...he will just go to be by her, and will let me know that he's just "keeping her company." They both seem to enjoy it equally well!
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Monday, July 30, 2007

Camping "Trip"

Well, we finally got an overnight of camping in! It's hard to call it a camping "trip" when you only have to go 6 miles to a great campsite...one of the benefits of living in a National Forest, I guess! (Yeah, because when you forget the pillows you can just go home and get them, and when your two year old is on the verge of melt-down because he's so tired and you still have to break camp...you can just take him home for a nap and come back later)! :)
We really had a great time...roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the campfire, setting up the tent and bedding, and "going on an adventure" (as Andrew puts it) behind the campsite were all great fun for the boys!
Both the boys had various responsibilities in making and breaking camp-Andrew did quite well with rinsing the dishes for me!
Anna did great for the whole thing, though it is much more work camping with an infant! She generally hung out in either her enclosed bouncy seat, the front pack, or sleeping in the tent. We purchased a new tent with some "fun money" some dear friends gave us, and it was so great to have plenty of space-it's huge! Jacob called it his "house," and kept inviting us in. :)
And, we were blessed with relatively warm weather and no rain! Even though it's close to home, it still feels like getting away! Thank you, Lord, for a great time and for three great kids who are great at camping!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tot Time Hike

Yesterday we went on our first hike with our Tot Time group since Anna was born...finally back to meandering the mountains! Every summer, we have a calendar schedule of hikes for Wednesdays, and whoever can make it meets at the trailhead at 10 a.m.
We had a good group yesterday, and hiked to Crescent Creek, which is 5 miles round-trip. I was really proud of the boys...Andrew did the whole hike without a complaint, and I'm sure he could have gone farther! Jacob hiked almost the whole way in (he hitched a ride in a friend's double-stroller for a short time), and then hiked about that far out before hopping in the stroller for his nap. All total, he did about half on his own two feet!

I pushed Anna in the stroller the way in, and then when Jacob was too tired on the way out I put Anna in the front-pack and pushed Jacob in the stroller. So I got quite the workout!

Andrew had a blast playing by the river with his friends!

Anna was quite cooperative...I nursed her before we hit the trail, at the river, and then she made it till we got home. She slept the whole time in the stroller and front-pack. All in all we had a great day...it sure beat staying home folding laundry, which was my other option! :)
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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Larry-Boy Jacob

Jacob with his super-suction plunger ears!

Andrew's Date Night!

This week was finally Andrew's date night...he has been patiently but excitedly awaiting his turn! Friday night was a big community barbecue/music shindig at a local campground to celebrate the 100th "birthday" of the Chugach National Forest. I was delighted with the prospect of not having to cook, plus Smokey the Bear (whom Jacob loves) was supposed to be there. Then Mark planned on taking Andrew on a bike ride afterward for his date.
Well, some of the best-laid plans are laid to waste! We got down the to the campground around 6:30, to discover that they had started the barbecue at 4 p.m. and had run out of food by 4:30! And Smokey had already come and gone! The boys did have fun playing on the playground, but we had to head home for a late dinner (and we weren't the only ones facing that prospect, either)!
To get date night started earlier, Mark decided to just take Andrew to the Lodge for dinner...one of Andrew's favorite things to do! They really enjoyed their time. Apparently it was really busy and they had to wait for a table, so Mark had fun telling the hunting story of the bear trophy that's in the Lodge (a friend of his shot it), and then Andrew just kept sitting on his lap, asking for other stories about other wild animals.

Jacob and I enjoyed dinner together, too...Anna slept till we were done. Because it was so late, we didn"t get to work on puzzles together like I hoped, but we had a good evening regardless!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Anna this week

Anna at swimming lessons

She's growing and changing so fast!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Andrew is FIVE!

We can hardly believe that our first "baby" is five! I know that doesn't sound like much for those of you with kids beyond this point already, but it makes us feel really old! I think Andrew had a great day. He was allowed to have cake and ice cream for breakfast (the only day of the year it's allowed!), and we had put a bunch of balloons on his bed and bedroom floor and streamers hanging from the doorway.

I asked him which friend he would like to have come for lunch, and he chose Caitlyn! So she came for the afternoon, having a picnic, spending hours outside playing, and when it got too hot out, they came in for computer game time...a rare treat!

After dinner he opened a few more presents, including these helicopter pajamas from Grandma and Grandpa Milligan! He loves them, and thinks it's especially neat that they came with both pants and shorts, and of course he wanted to wear the shorts!

He's loving being 5, and thinks that everything he's been capable of doing is because he's now 5! We may be biased, but we think God is doing an amazing work in this boy...he's very sweet and thoughtful, with a helpful spirit and loving heart. We love you so much and are so proud of you, Andrew!
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Andrew's Party!

We had a birthday party for Andrew on Sunday afternoon...we had beautiful weather for a picnic and games outside! His friend Neil came for the day, along with my family and Ben and Rosella-the boys' (oops...we're "kids'" now) adopted Nana and Papa. Neil's sisters and dad Dave joined us in time for cake and ice cream and presents!
Andrew has been very into helicopters lately (particularly since we saw the Coast Guard demonstration in May), and requested a helicopter cake. He was thrilled to receive helicopter presents, as well!
We were really proud of him, as he shared all of his new toys with his brother and friends really well (well, and with his dad and Gramps and Papa, too...there were some helicopter launchers, spring-loaded rockets, and t-ball for lots of fun)!
All in all it was a great party, and we're thankful for everyone who came and for the gifts and love he received!

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Daddy Date Night

Jacob has been so excited all day, anticipating his turn to go out with daddy! They headed out to the school playground, bubble wand in tow...and came home via the Lodge for a dish of chocolate ice cream!

Andrew and I worked on a paint by number set, which is not the "beginner" quality the box promised, but he enjoyed nonetheless...it will have a Picasso-ish effect when finished, I think! The paint set was a gag-gift from my sisters when Anna was born, since I now have the same number of children that our sibling group was that eventful afternoon that Kimberly decided to paint my face w/ her paints from her paint by number set. Big sister Tricia jumped in to save the day before mom could find out...by trying to clean my face off with turpentine! Needless to say, mom did find out, and I spent the next twenty minutes with my face under a cold shower as mom consulted with the poison control center. But I digress!
(Which, by the way, they now make these sets to clean up with water)!

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Sweet Anna...

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Good morning, Gramps!

My dad stopped by the other morning on his way to a job site, and Anna gave him the greatest smiles to start his day off just right!
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Mykenna's Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated my niece Mykenna's 6th birthday.
As far as taking pictures is concerned, we simply didn't want to forget the wedding Barbie driving around in her army tank!

Anna was tuckered out in her sweet party dress!
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Mark was quite brave last Saturday, and let the boys help him paint his trailer. (Actually, I think it required some bravery on my part, too, to face the laundry later)! They actually did quite well, with minimal damage, and were quite proud of themselves for being Daddy's big helpers!

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